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Botanical Illustration

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With an ever present fascination in growing things, these botanicals are a study of the subjects. Painting and drawing plants, flower and fruit is a study of their structure, color and texture. I get lost in rendering each crinkle of the petal, vein of the leaf and find joy in their sameness and diversity. Most of these paintings are painted in watercolor, but some of them were painted in Photoshop or just explored with a pencil or pen on paper. on seeing the San Joaquin Valley for the first time in 1868, John Muir said, "The valley of the San Joaquin is the floweriest piece of world I ever walked, one vast level, even flower-bed, a sheet of flowers, a smooth sea ruffled a little by the tree fringing of the river and here and there of smaller cross streams from the mountains." Wouldn't it have been wonderful to see what he saw?

Botanical art is love!

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