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I woke up early this morning to try to catch a glimse of the lunar eclipse, but when I got out to an area that I could see it, it was either set or it was obsured by clouds and hase. This eclipse was supposed to happen close to moon set so I had to get a clear view of the Western horizon.
When I realized that I could not get a shot of the moon, I turned east to capture some beautiful sunrises over the countryside pasture land. The view was made all the more beautiful by the streaks of clouds that denied me a clear view of the moon in the west.

sunrise trees2 sunrise trees

Next to the road, to the north, these gnarly oak trees still had their colored leaves. Most of the trees in other areas have either lost all of their leaves in the recent wind storm or are clothed in rattling brown leaves.


The Ice Cold Creative Group met last Saturday to work out more details of the game that we had been working on. Besides Ed who has been doing the programming for the game so far, we added Spencer to also help with the programming. I looks like I am the only one who has been working on the "creature concept designs". Below are some of the ideas that we will NOT be using. Originally, the figures were supposed to be simple, mecanical and alien, but the ideas that I'm working on are much more complicated, although they are still mechanical and alien looking. We also have Arron to work out the 3D models, but he is working on the interior designs.

alien design alien design 2 alien design 3 alien design 4


A new year with new directions. I worked throught the week between Christmas and New Year, 2011, while we were in Paso Robles. I took pictures of anything that looked mecanical. Including the tractor and my brother-in-law's new ATV.
The neighbor kids came over with their ATVs. They looked cute in their gear.

neighbor kid 1 neighbor kid 2 neighbor kid 3