Lyla Paakkanen Portfolio


Concept Designs, Illustrations, Paintings, Photoshop

The paintings on this page reflects my interest in light, color, form, and texture. in oil medium, or water. The joy of painting is finding and recording the beauty in the world around us. Art is love.

Oil Paintings

Fall vineyard-thumbFall Vineyard-red-thumbFall Vineyard2-thumbFall Vineyard2House on the Hill

The artwork below was created in watercolor.

winter vineyard-thumbJJudd winery thumbFull Moon over vineyard-thumbMission Wall thumbEnglish pondwind and cloudsgeishafidler

Botanical Watercolor

butterfliessilkfloss flowerpeppersWisteriafeverfewcatnipsociety garlicTerristial orchid thumbSpotted orchid thumb

The art below was painted in acrylic.

stormfrontstormfront3stormfront2fear dragonblack dragon1black dragon2psalms45


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